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My Current Lust List!

As most of you know, I was on a shopping ban for all of February.  Now that it's over (well I have 10.5 hours exactly) I want to look over my lust list.  Here is what I've been lusting over for a month or so.

Alexander Wang Mini Rockie in Latte with Rose Gold Hardware

I will always have a love for bags, and this one caught my eye.  The color is a light brown which is perfect for Spring/Summer but can also work with Fall/Winter whites.  I absolutely love the rose gold hardware.  I used to own a regular sized Rocco bag, but it was too heavy for me.  This mini Rockie weighs a little less than 2 pounds and I'm pretty sure I can handle that.  

S'well bottle Jade 9 oz

S'well bottle Blue Marble 17 oz

S'well bottle Neptune 17oz

I'm pretty obsessed with S'well bottles.  I don't think I'll actually get 3 new ones, but I would like a smaller sized and maybe add another 17 oz to my current wood one.  I'll have to think about it.  I do love the Jade color and the Blue Marble.  

Balenciaga City in Rouge Safran in regular silver hardware

This color is so amazing and it reminds me of the True Red Balenciaga came out with in 2003.  But my husband talked me out of it, saying it reminds him too much of 70s red leather car seats with the silver seatbelt buckles.  Sigh.  

Quay Australia Sunglasses in Baby Doll

Quay Sunglasses Lana in Rose Gold

Quay Australia My Girl Mirror Cat

Thanks to my friend and Instagram I'm now obsessed with Quay Australia sunglasses.  I'm not really sure these frames will work with my asian nose.  I lack a bridge for a nose and most of the time the sunglasses just sit on my cheeks, which makes it very uncomfortable to wear and always ends up super greasy in the summer.  Not cool.  Thankfully ASOS has free shipping both ways, so I can try them on at home and will most likely end up returning all of them!  

In Flux Crops in Black

I definitely need some casual crops for spring.  I'm leaning towards the black since it just goes with everything.  Including my hot pink Nike's!

Nike Free TR 5 Flyknit Metallic Silver/Blue

I don't really need another pair of Nike's but these just look so cool.  

Swiftly SS in Heathered Boom Juice

And more pink!  Because I love pink!  Would love to add this to my collection of swiftlys.  

Werkshop Leggings in Jellyfish

This will definitely be purchased soon.  The colors on these leggings are amazing.  Anyone else have a wish list from being on a ban?  How did you guys make out?  I'm pretty impressed with myself for making it through.  And while it was torturous and sometimes frustrating, I think I would like to do this a few times a year.  And making a lust list is kind of fun!


  1. Great picks! Love the jellyfish leggings. So cute! You have a nice variety of practical pieces and splurge pieces. Congrats on making it through the ban! Would love to hear your thoughts on the ban, and whether your approach will change moving forward.

    1. The first 10 days I would say were the hardest. I was definitely going through withdrawal. Some items on my list ended up selling out, and that's when I realized it's not the end of the world. So in the future I think if there's something I really want, I'll make myself wait a week before I make the purchase. What really helped was writing down every single purchase I made for the month. Items like food, cell phone bill, things that came up like birthday presents, every purchase was written down no matter how small it was. Seeing it on an excel spread sheet and adding up the total amount spent really made me pause about wanting to buy something I didn't need. I don't think I would change anything about my next ban. But I'm already thinking of when I want to do this again. Maybe June or July. Right before fall, because I tend to spend quite a bit of money when fall comes.


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