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Fit Review Fenty Puma Rihanna Velvet Creepers

These velvet creepers by Puma are amazing.  They're super soft and comfortable, but they do run big.  I bought these in a size 5.5 and size 6 to see.  I would need these in a size 5.  Unfortunately the smallest size these come in is a 5.5.  If anyone here who is reading this would like to buy them from me send me an email at  Normally I would not offer this and would just return them, but considering how hard they are to find as they sold out in hours of release I'm letting my readers get first dibs before I send them back.  I'm asking for what I paid plus shipping.  I paid $150+tax. Size 5.5 is no longer available. Normally I wear a size 5.5 in sneakers.  I'm sometimes a size 5.  In this case I would definitely need a size 5.  The thick soles are a little bit heavy and because of this the back heel drops when I walk.   The box these come in is high quality.  The box is thick and smooth with a black matte finish.  It

Puma Fenty Royal Purple Velvet Creeper by Rihanna!

I just spent two hours of my life tracking these down in a size 5.5.  Of course I bought these in the Royal Purple color!  They're back ordered from Nordstrom until the 22nd but I'll accept that considering these sold out in minutes!  I'm crossing my fingers these aren't cancelled on me.  Puma's website is almost completely sold out in every color and size.   They also come in Black and Glacial Gray But the velvet Royal Purple is definitely the best color. Buy them here- Nordstrom Bloomingdales (has all color right now!) Six02 Good Luck!