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Sherlock Update!

Here is an update for all those who have been asking how Sherlock is doing. I appreciate how much you all care about this little guy. Sherlock has been diagnosed with the FIP virus. It stands for Feline Infectious Peritonitus. It comes from a strain called the coronavirus. The coronavirus mutates into FIP in some cats. It's apparently very rare and only 5% of cats end up getting FIP. Unfortunately this is a fatal disease. There are two types of FIP. There's wet FIP and dry FIP. Cats who have wet FIP usually die within days of showing symptoms. Sherlock has the dry kind. It's neurological and many cats live anywhere from a few weeks to a year with the disease. There are a few exceptions that I've read about where the cat can live for a few years. Right now we have Sherlock on anti seizure medication and steroids to help with the inflammation in his brain. He's also getting an experimental drug the neurologist explained as something that's similar to chem