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WMTM Update!

Here are my favorites from today's WMTM upload. I guess they're finally putting the midnight tulle print on mark down. I really love this print actually. It's hard for me to decide which I like more, the black or the blue version. I really wish Lulu released these prints in the FTBW bra. =( Wunder Under Pant Full On Luxtreme $84 (all sizes are available at the moment) Back To It Crew $69 (comes in 4 colors but my favorite is astro blue) Cadence Crusher Hoodie $89 (still a little pricey but the deep indigo color is very nice) No Chill Short Sleeve $64 (pricey but it is made of merino wool) Wunder Under Pant Nulux $84 (right now only size 2, 10, 12 are available) Run It Out Tight $84 Free To Be Bra $44 (what is with the stingy sale price? only $4 off?) Free To Be Zen Bra (if only these were FTBW bras, they would have been mine)

USA / Canada Upload! January 17th 2017

Just a quick note, I'm flying out to New York for the next ten days to spend some time with my family before I start this new job and to also celebrating Chinese New Year. It's the year of the rooster! Also I updated the website so it looks a little cleaner and nicer to look at. My brother helped me design a logo for Petite Impact. The star is similar to the ones used in the book Le Petit Prince which is a story I absolutely love. I recently saw the movie on Netflix and while it is different from the book, I still enjoyed seeing it come alive. Please check out my Instagram and my Facebook page (now linked on my site) and subscribe if you would like see notifications of when I update my blog. Thanks for reading! Back To It Crew Astro Blue Huddle Vest Black High Times Pant Teeny Check White Black Hot Like Agni Crop Darkest Magenta Hot Like Agni Crop Darkest Magenta (these look tempting but will unfortunately look like regular length on me)