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USA / Canada Upload! January 17th 2017

Just a quick note, I'm flying out to New York for the next ten days to spend some time with my family before I start this new job and to also celebrating Chinese New Year. It's the year of the rooster!

Also I updated the website so it looks a little cleaner and nicer to look at. My brother helped me design a logo for Petite Impact. The star is similar to the ones used in the book Le Petit Prince which is a story I absolutely love. I recently saw the movie on Netflix and while it is different from the book, I still enjoyed seeing it come alive.

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(these look tempting but will unfortunately look like regular length on me)

(do not like all that mesh in the back)

(love the orange color with astro blue but this style gives me back fat)

(I'm a sucker for Speed Shorts and this is kind of tempting)

Nothing for me tonight. I did go to the store today and I tried on a couple of bottoms which I'll post a quick review of tomorrow. The Hot Agni Crops in darkest magenta look really cute on the model although I don't expect it to be petite friendly. Anything for you tonight?


  1. Nothing for me. My wallet is safe for a week now. :) have a good trip to ny!

    1. Thank you! That seems to be the trend lately... Lulu what is going on!


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