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Black Friday Sales!

Last night I did some damage at Lululemon which wasn't all that great of a deal to be honest, but I wanted to try some of their new Featherlight bottoms.  Here are a few other websites that I shop at that are having great sales. Werkshop is giving 20% off your entire purchase which is super!  I think this also works with my  referral link  for $10 off your first purchase if you are new to Werkshop.  I'm not 100% sure it will combine but it's worth trying.  I hope to receive the joggers I ordered in the mail today.  If I do, I'll try and get a review up tomorrow since the sale is good until Monday.  I also have tons of reviews on Werkshop on my site.   K-Deer is also having a nice 25% off sale which includes free shipping AND returns.  I have a few reviews up on their leggings in children size which are super for petites.   Alala is also having a nice sale.  Save up to 40% off your purchase.  I'm a fan of their hoodies and their crops a

Fit Review Friday! K-Deer Sophia Stripe

Happy Friday everyone!  I didn't go to a store this week for new Lulu items since their upload was so disappointing.  Today we have K-Deer Sophia stripe leggings.  I don't think I've ever fully did a proper review on K-Deer leggings with photos.  Normally I stay away from stripe anything, but I find these tights to actually lengthen my legs.  They're seriously amazing! For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and wear a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms. Sophia Stripe Leggings Size Large in Kids Let me start by saying I've never tried the women's version of these leggings.  I've read reviews that they are very high waisted and I knew right off that bat I wouldn't like wearing them.  Since I'm on the petite side, I opted to try their kids sizes instead. I debated between the large and x-large but ultimately went with the large based on the size chart.  The large fits a 26-28 inch waist.  My waist is around 26 inches.  The only thing I worried abo

Fit Review Friday! Yogi Everyday Tank, Swiftly Racerback, K-Deer, PopFlex & Atlanta Warehouse Sale!

I'm posting this tonight, since tomorrow will be a super busy day for me.  I'm waking up at the crack of dawn so I can get my butt to the Atlanta Warehouse sale that starts at 8am.  Then I'm heading straight to the airport to go to New Orleans for 4 days!  It'll be my first time going to NOLA and I'm super excited. So today I didn't find too much at the store to try on, so kinda disappointing post here.  But I tried on two tanks.  I love the Yogi Everyday Tank so I couldn't help but try it on in Boom Juice. Yogi Everyday Tank in Heathered Boom Juice Size 4 I definitely liked it, but I didn't love it?  If I had unlimited funds I totally would!  But considering I'm heading to a warehouse sale tomorrow, I have to hold back. I've been eyeing this Swiftly tank for a couple of weeks now, and finally decided to try it on.  The color is super pretty and looks great, I'm just unsure about the print.  Any opinions? Swiftly Racer

K-Deer Kids Sized Leggings! Alexis Stripe!

So I finally caved in and bought the Alexis Stripe leggings when I saw it was back in stock in my size.  Which is a size large in kids.  =) I read the reviews on the women's sizes and I didn't think the XS would work on me since they have a very high rise.  I fear the waist would be closer to my chest than my belly button.  So I thought the kids version might fit me better.  Also the inseam on the women's leggings is ridiculously long.  32-34 inches. And ta-da!  The kids leggings fit me perfectly.  The length of these is absolutely perfect.  I have a 26 inseam, which is very short.  The waist is stretchy and fits fine.  No muffin top or anything.  I did workout in them and sometimes the waist does roll down a little, but I can live with it. If anyone wants to see full body shots leave me a comment, and I'll see what I can do.  May have to grab my husband or set up a make shift tripod somewhere in this house where there aren't boxes everywhere.  (we'