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Fit Review Friday! Yogi Everyday Tank, Swiftly Racerback, K-Deer, PopFlex & Atlanta Warehouse Sale!

I'm posting this tonight, since tomorrow will be a super busy day for me.  I'm waking up at the crack of dawn so I can get my butt to the Atlanta Warehouse sale that starts at 8am.  Then I'm heading straight to the airport to go to New Orleans for 4 days!  It'll be my first time going to NOLA and I'm super excited.

So today I didn't find too much at the store to try on, so kinda disappointing post here.  But I tried on two tanks.  I love the Yogi Everyday Tank so I couldn't help but try it on in Boom Juice.

Yogi Everyday Tank in Heathered Boom Juice Size 4

I definitely liked it, but I didn't love it?  If I had unlimited funds I totally would!  But considering I'm heading to a warehouse sale tomorrow, I have to hold back.

I've been eyeing this Swiftly tank for a couple of weeks now, and finally decided to try it on.  The color is super pretty and looks great, I'm just unsure about the print.  Any opinions?

Swiftly Racerback in Heathered Bali Breeze Size 4

I am really loving the two colors though.  So summery!

In other news, I've been working out pretty consistently the last couple of weeks.  Here's my most recent outfit to the gym.  That's a Swiftly top and K-deer leggings in kids size large.  They fit so perfectly LOL!

K-deer leggings in Jennifer Stripe

And my latest purchase is coming from PopFlex sometime next week, I'll post a review on my thoughts on them.  If anyone has a pair of these already, let me know!  I chose a size 4 so I hope they fit.  The Mermaid Pop Shorts look so cute and pretty, hard to say no.  I also signed up for VIP so I got these at a discount.  Shipping is $5.99 though!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I probably won't be able to post while in NOLA...  I'll try to post something quick about the Warehouse sale.  


  1. Good luck at the warehouse sale!!!!
    Get there early as possible!! Envy you!!
    You look better in warm colors than cool colors though!! I cant resist these 2 colors anyways!
    I went to the store today to pick up my unraveled align pants. They fixed them well. I tried all tied up shirt and so in love!! Unfortunately, i had to leave without it since I already got Physically fit tank a couple days ago. They are both super cute!!

    1. Really? That's so great they fixed them. Mine are starting to pill pretty badly on the butt. Can they fix that?

      After the sale I need to go back on a ban!

    2. Take them to the store!!! They supposed not to be pilled, so they might exchange with a new pair!!

    3. Hmmmmm I may do that, thanks!

  2. Yippee ! Your Werkshop leggings finally found you :o) So Happy for you! I finally received my lululemon sweater from ebay that was mis-delivered by the post office.
    The person who received it (20 houses away) actually drove to our home to hand deliver it to me a week later (b/c they were out of town).
    These instances (such as yours & mine) really make my day....really grateful to those people that would go outta of their way to help!
    Those werkshop leggings & the new lulu space dye pants (that you are getting hemmed) look fabulous on you!
    Thanks for your incredible reviews!
    Yogini_t...I couldn't find the Physically fit tank anywhere at my local stores or any at enjoy...meant to be cuz I fell for the All Tied Up Tank when I was trying to avoid spending $54 on a cotton tank that I could possibly find (a little less expensive) somewhere else. Granted, Lulu uses hi-grade Pima cotton vs. the less expensive similarly styled tanks out there...but I still feel I may see what I purchase within the next 2 weeks and return. I haven't seen anything remotely like the Physically Fit tank elsewhere that is bum covering & higher necked.

    Enjoy the warehouse sale! you moved to Atlanta right in time..fill us in!
    Enjoy NOLA...fill us in too :o) Cheers

    1. YAY!!! So glad you also got your missing package! It's great to know there are some decent people left in this world. I feel like I should pay it forward and help others too like that!

      I got my hemmed space dye WU and they are totally great. In fact I'm wearing them to NOLA!


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