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Review! Allbirds Tree Dashers & Tree Breezers!

Another weekend over? Say it ain't so! Weekends fly by so fast. I swear it was just yesterday I was thinking TGIF! Today I have for you a review of Allbirds Tree Dashers and some photos of my Tree Breezer  in harvest. I've had both pairs for a little while now.   For reference I wear a size 6 in Allbirds Mizzles , a size 5.5 in Tree Breezers , and size 5.5 in Allbirds Tree Dashers .   Tree Dashers Geyser Light Blue Sole Size 5.5 Tree Dashers are meant for running, but I'm using them for everyday walking and home workouts. My home workouts consist of weight lighting and full body cardio using my VR headset. These are  very cushiony sneakers. Super supportive and light weight.  Bottom of the shoe has very light treads, so I wouldn't recommend using these in the rain. These are very breathable and flexible which is why I really like them. The interesting thing about the design is the front of the shoe. If you look closely, it has no

New Allbirds Colors Available Tree Breezers

New colors arrived and I totally want the savanna dusk and clay to my collection of Allbirds Tree Breezers . They're like candy! I'm still on my ban and sticking to it. Hopefully they will still have my size come September. One third of the way through the month and so far so good. For those of you who missed my review of these flats, check it out here . I have the marine and seashell. I've had these for two months and of the two I would say I wear the marine ones a little more often. 

My Recent Purchases Allbirds Tree Breezers & Coach Rogue Whipstitch

Happy July! I can't believe the year is almost halfway over. Here's my recent purchase from Coach's Summer Sale  . Introducing my lovely Whipstitch Rogue in oxblood . I've been lusting after this bag for about two years. My glad patience paid off! I also had it monogrammed with a moon and unicorn because I'm an 80s child. 😜 Can't get over the yummy suede lining in golden honey. I also purchased two wristlets. The wristlets are currently sold out, but this one is a nice alternative too. I am really impressed with the leather on the wristlets. They are so soft and pebbly. I was pleasantly surprised! Also shown - Tea Rose Clutch If you missed my recent Allbirds review from last week, I purchased a gray and a navy but had to exchange the navy pair. The navy arrived a couple of days ago and can't wait to wear these to work this week. I'm looking forward to wearing these well into the fall. Allbirds Tree Breezers Flats Marin

Fit Review! Allbirds Tree Breezers Flats

Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. I really needed some R&R this weekend. I slept for 9 hours the last two nights. Whew. 😴 Today's review are Allbirds Tree Breezers ! I missed out on their initial launch and was really quite sad. When I received an email that two colors were back in stock I jumped on it. I ordered a size 5 in the marine blue and a size 5.5 in the seashell gray. I always order two sizes if I'm unsure of the fit. Also, this is not a sponsored post. I really do love Allbirds and so does my husband!  Tree Breezers Seashell and Marine I'm usually a size 5 in flats. I recently purchased Rothy's pointed toe flats and I fit a size 5 in those. For Allbirds, I would recommend going half a size up. I am exchanging my marine Tree Breezers for a 5.5. These flats are so comfortable I am going to add both pairs to my Allbirds collection. I already have three colors in the Wool Runners . Seashell Size 5.5 The 5.5 is