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Fit Review Friday! Go Lightly Backpack

Ok, so this isn't really a fit review, but still a review and tomorrow is Friday. Before I start, I want to let you all know, my husband bought this backpack for me as part of my birthday gift. So I'm still doing well on my ban! Go Lightly Backpack in Dark Chrome As of right now the dark chrome color is sold out online. Midnight navy and black are currently available. I really fell in love with the midnight chrome color. It's different than your typical black colored backpack. Of course because it's so light in color there's always a chance of it becoming dirty.    This backpack is definitely on the large side. It's big enough to fit my 15 inch macbook pro easily. What's nice about this backpack is the back compartment is specifically made for a laptop. That's pretty sweet. The main compartment zips halfway down on both sides with double zippers. Inside there is a mesh pocket and even comes with a separate shoe bag.