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Upload! November 12th 2019

Tonight's upload is for Align lovers. Unfortunately I don't think a lot of it is petite friendly. The only one I would consider trying is the  Align Crop 21" Cross Waist  but I think the high waist is too high. It completely covers the model's belly button which means it would probably be close to my rib cage. The back of the pant would probably hit my bra strap. 😂 I won't be ordering but if I see it at the store this weekend I'll give it a try on. Anything for you? Nothing for me but I do appreciate the prettiness of all the new  Align  bottoms. Align Pant Wrap Waist 28" Blue Charcoal (Looks fabulous!) Align Tank Garnet Perfectly Oversized Crew Garnet Scuba Hoodie Heathered Laguna Define Jacket Luminesce Splatter White Black Go Cozy Jacket Heathered Ceramic Winter Chill Wool Jacket Heathered Silver Graphite Winter Chill Wool Parka Heathered Silver Graphite Align Pant 25" Formation Camo Dark Adobe

Huge Sneaky Upload! November 19th 2018

Lululemon is trying to get a head start on holiday shopping. Only a few items interests me tonight. So far I won't pull the trigger on anything because I'm waiting to see what Black Friday deals are to be had. But I do love the antique bark in Breeze By Muscle Tank and Train Times Crop in cognito camo. I have a pair of Train Times Crop that I really love. Might be time to get another! Anything for you tonight? What pieces are you interested in? Breeze By Muscle Tank Antique Bark (I have 3 of these, and like this color a lot) Swiftly Racerback Red Alert Rappu Hoodie Dress Lululemon Lab Black Energy Bra Inflorescent Energy Bra In Bloom (I really like how vibrant this is) Rest Less Pullover Black/White Bring The Cozy Turtleneck Misty Pink Swiftly Wool Pullover Royal Emerald On Repeat Mock Neck Core Dark Gray Swiftly SS Sonic Pink Slush Hour Parka Cassis Sit In Lotus Heathered Plum (I actually love this color a lot