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Fit Review! Define Jacket Exhale, Precision Jacket, Wunder Under Crop, Race To Pace Run Hat

I went to a couple of Lululemon's over the weekend.  I was looking for a few things to try on in person.  One of the items was the Define Jacket Exhale edition in red grape.  I have the regular define in bordeaux drama with some laser cut holes in the back and thought if I liked the new version better I would sell my old one.  Fortunately the new Define Jacket did not meet my expectations.   Define Jacket Exhale in Red Grape Size 4 I took my usual size 4 in Defines, but this one was noticeably lumpy.  The pockets have seams across them and when I zipped up the jacket you can see the seams very clearly.  I did not like this at all.  They also made the stripe going across the top part of the chest thinner.  You can see it in the above photo.  That also doesn't appeal to me. The fit also seems to be tighter than my other Define Jackets.  I definitely prefer my older Define Jackets.  I think I may be done buying another more of these jackets.  The quality has defi