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Fashionphile Sale on Sale!

  Hermes Evelyn TPM As much as I LOVE Lululemon, purses will always be my number one weakness. A gorgeous handbag is something that can elevate any outfit. Plus it's like a safety blanket for me. It's an accessory that holds everything that I need with me all the time. I can literally spend hours and hours looking at purses and I actually have for this post. I went through thousands of bags and picked out my favorites and the best deals.  For those of you new to Fashionphile, they have some of the best selections on second hand purses. Some are even in new condition. Those are marked "giftable". Plus it's better for the planet and you get a gorgeous bag for a fraction of the retail price. To be honest, most of my bags have been bought second hand. I would say 90% of them have come from Ebay, Fashionphile, Poshmark, Vestaire Collective or TheRealReal. The only bags I have purchased new are from Coach. The rest of my collection have been scoured and hunted down acro