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USA / Canada Upload! January 5th 2016

Tonight's upload is fairly decent, for me anyway.  I won't order anything tonight since I'll be heading to a store either tomorrow or Thursday.  So I should have some fit reviews coming up.  My pick for the week goes to the Define Jacket in Berry Rumble for the US. Free To Be Wild Bra in Space Dye Peacock Blue Rest Less Hoodie in Heathered Caspian Blue Swiftly Tech LS in Heathered Dashing Purple Runderful 1/2 Zip in Herringbone Heathered Aquamarine Define Jacket in Raspberry Define Jacket in Diamond Jacquard Berry Rumble Wunder Under Pant III Full on Luon in Cosmic Dot White Multi (Very Nike) High Times Pant Full On Luon in Bordeaux Drama Align Pant in Raspberry Sweaty Endeavor Tight in Blooming Pixie Raspberry Fringe Fighter Headband in Cosmic Dot White Multi Run Fast Neck Warmer in Mini Check Pique Aquamarine Peacock Urban Warrior Duffle in Blooming Pixie Multi For Canada, they got a few different thi

USA Upload!! Finally! December 9th 2015

I'm starting to confuse with what is actually new for these incredibly lame uploads.  Not sure what happened last night but I think the upload on the US side finally went live around 5am.  I'll post what I think is new.  So far the only thing I really am interested in this week is the Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket. I can't decide if I rather have it in the Bordeaux or Silver Spoon.  Since I missed out on the Bordeaux in the Scuba Hoodie III, this one might satisfy me. Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket in Heathered Bordeaux Drama Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket in Silver Spoon Swiftly Racerback in Heathered Slate Swiftly Short Sleeve in Heathered Duck Sauce Swiftly Long Sleeve in Berry Rumble I'm not crazy about all the stripes going on in these new Swiftly tops.  Also why name a color Duck Sauce?!!  Is it just me or has that gray racerback old?  I swear I saw that over the summer... Rest Less Hoodie in Black Runderful 1/2 Zip in Heathered Slate.  I've

Upload 11/03/2015 USA Canada

Another lame US upload.  Again nothing for me this week!  Weird that the Down For a Run Jacket does not come in a size 2 on the website.  I also wish they would release it in Black Grape.  Does anyone know if this jacket runs small?   Down for a Run Vest in Forage Teal Down for a Run Jacket in Black Down For a Run Pullover in Black Grape Scuba Hoodie III in Wee Stripe Heathered Gray Speed Tights in Forage Teal Herringbone Rest Less Hoodie Canada Only in Ultra Violet I kinda love the Rest Less hoodie in Ultra Violet but too bad I can never wear long sleeve tops.  I just get too hot in them.  Also love the Scuba Hoodie III in the Wee Striped Gray but I have something so similar to that already so I can pass.