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Spending Ban Challenge!

I like to do a spending freeze two times a year. This usually takes place every February (what I like to call Frugal February) and another in August. By the way, I cannot believe it is already August! This year is flying by. Lately my spending has been out of control. While I'm not spending as much as I used to on athletic gear, it's switched over to handbags. Handbags can be way more expensive than clothes so I need to reign it in and enjoy what I have and all that. This month I am only going to buy what I need and what my cats need. Spending money on food is okay. If I run out of something like toiletries that of course is fine to purchase. But no shopping at all on bags, clothes, Amazon purchases, etc. I did however make one last purchase from Lululemon before I went on my ban. So I will have at least one or two reviews for the month of August. I may have to haul my butt over to the mall and do some store try ons. I have been lazy about going to the mall these day