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Spending Ban Challenge!

I like to do a spending freeze two times a year. This usually takes place every February (what I like to call Frugal February) and another in August. By the way, I cannot believe it is already August! This year is flying by.

Lately my spending has been out of control. While I'm not spending as much as I used to on athletic gear, it's switched over to handbags. Handbags can be way more expensive than clothes so I need to reign it in and enjoy what I have and all that.

This month I am only going to buy what I need and what my cats need. Spending money on food is okay. If I run out of something like toiletries that of course is fine to purchase. But no shopping at all on bags, clothes, Amazon purchases, etc.

I did however make one last purchase from Lululemon before I went on my ban. So I will have at least one or two reviews for the month of August. I may have to haul my butt over to the mall and do some store try ons. I have been lazy about going to the mall these days.

I will have to get creative with my blog posts. So you'll see an update or two on my spending freeze. I'll probably write about my Alexia Clarke results. Perhaps another kitty cat post.

Feel free join me on a spending freeze! It's only day 2 and not too late if you want to cut back on spending for the month. My husband and I are definitely consumers to the nth degree. We're also Amazon prime members and you bet there are always Amazon packages arriving at our door. We want to cut back on getting packages in the mail because the boxes end up blocking the front door which means I have to break them down and then my husband hauls them to the recycling bins that are provided to us by the apartment complex. If we do not do this on a regular basis, the entryway gets jammed up with these Amazon boxes. It's crazy. However, the kittens love playing with the boxes.

Initially this was going to be an Amazon Free August, but we decided to make it a full on spending freeze. This is the first time my husband is joining me on a ban. So this should be interesting.

That's all for me! Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be trying to stay off the internet, read my book, do my workouts, learn how to bake something and spend some quality time with my kids, I mean kittens.


  1. Ooh, good idea! I have done no-buy July in the past but didn’t even think of it this year. I am going on a fairly big trip mid September so it’s a good idea to not buy anything, save my money for that. One exception would be a long sleeve running in a sage green or tan color (which seem to be nonexistent). And I need some memory cards for my camera. That is gear needed for the trip.

    Yes, more kitty posts, please. And pics of your baked goods.

    1. Yay glad to have you join me! A spending ban is definitely worthy for a big trip. =) Where are you going?

  2. Good luck with the challenge! Staying away from your favourite websites would help, but then will you be doing the Lululemon weekly upload posts? Too much temptation I guess! :)

    I’ve never done a spending ban challenge before and don’t think I will ever be successful lol! Good luck and keep us posted!


    1. I'll still do my regular Lululemon upload posts. I haven't been as tempted by their stuff as I used to be so hopefully it won't be too hard!

  3. I'm in it with you! I was already planning on it this month, but then I spent $300 in the last 3 days, so I think that's a good excuse to start NOW and carry through vacation which ends September 15th.

    1. Yay! More the merrier. So far so good, it's almost been a week and haven't been tempted by anything yet. I may join you until mid September, but let's see how this month goes first!


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