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Coach X Disney Dumbo & Dalmatians Watch

Double post tonight! I didn't want to wait on this one because I know how quickly Coach X Disney items sell out. I don't think many people realize Nordstrom also sells Coach X Disney items on their website. I ordered the Dumbo and the  Dalmatians  watch to see in person because I couldn't decide which one I would like more.  The  Dumbo  watch is almost all gray except for a slight purple outlining the top of his ears. There are no markings for the numbers which might make it a little hard telling the time. However that is what makes the face of this watch so elegant. There are no distractions. Just Dumbo. It is a really cute watch.  Dumbo Dalmatians I also love the  Dalmatians  because it's pink! The rose gold face is so pretty but there is a lot going on here. Unlike the Dumbo watch, this face does have the markings for the numbers and the needle is right on the pups forehead. So it can be a little distracting. Between the two, I prefer