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Upload! January 23rd 2018

I'm actually pretty disappointed in tonight's upload. Nothing caught my eye except for this Vinyasa scarf in auburn. I did just get the S wiftly Racerback in quicksand , and while I really love the color, this one is thin and the inside of the tank feels a bit scratchy. When did they start doing that? The outside feels soft but the inside just doesn't feel as nice. I'll have some photos of the color on my blog soon. Anything for you? Vinyasa Scarf Heathered Auburn Loop Back Crew Expression Heathered Black Swiftly LS Porcelain Pink (pretty pink but this will probably wash me out) Reveal Tight Precision Boysenberry Stop Drop & Squat Tight Boysenberry   Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Score Jaquard Black Luna