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I'm taking tonight off from my regular posts to commemorate Sherlock's one year anniversary. I can't believe it's already been a year. We miss you everyday. You were the sweetest and most loving kitten we ever met. It is because of you that we adopted four more kittens. You were our brave little lion.  Sherlock  August 13, 2017 - February 18, 2018

Update On Sherlock!

Sherlock is still not well. His condition seems to change every day. Sometimes in the morning he looks worse. Then at night he seems a little better. It's so hard to tell. We took him to the vet yesterday and they're not convinced he has a tail pull and wants us to get him to a neurologist for more testing. So we have an appointment with a neurologist on Monday.  We also bought a nanny cam so we can see what he's doing while we're at work. 95% of the time when I check he's just sleeping. But tonight while I was trying to sneak a workout in he was running back and forth like a mad man. Went into the room and his litter was everywhere . He also managed to sit in his water bowl, and stepped into his food bowl. I had a blog post planned for tonight but I haven't been able to write it since I've been spending most of my time at home with Sherlock. I will definitely have a post up over the weekend. Thank you for reading my blog and hope everyon

My NYC Trip!

Whenever I fly by myself I always try to get a window seat. I like looking out the window when the plane starts to land, especially when I'm heading back to NYC. I can always spot the building I used to work at.  The first thing that happens upon arriving back to NY, my parents always take me to dim sum and then my grandma always cooks me a huge meal to welcome me back. This was the first Thanksgiving without my husband and it was hard not being with him and Nero and now Sherlock. But I was so happy to see my grandma.  I always try to make my grandma laugh and right before I took this picture I said, "I don't know why my head looks so big next to yours." That totally did the trick. I also managed to make it back in time for my brother's 42nd birthday. How did we get so old? Here's a rare photo of the three of us. My brother doesn't normally look so grumpy but I guess he's not thrilled to be getting older. I was actual