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Fit Review Friday! Down For It All Jacket, Day Maker Full Zip Hoodie, Sincerely Yours Wrap Sweater, Align Crop Cross Waist, Love Crew Fade

It is finally my birthday and I'm officially 39. 😑 I tried to make the best of it by going to the mall even though it was pouring rain all day and we even got a flash flooding notice on my iPhone. Turned out I made the right call by going anyway! This post is super image heavy. Normally I would split a trip like this into two posts, but it is too good not to share all at once. There are almost forty photos! Let's get started! For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.  Down For It All Jacket Size 4 I'm not sure what color this is. My guess would be porcelain pink or smoky blush. I'm wearing my usual size 4 and it fits perfectly, almost too perfect. It is slim fit and if you want to layer or wear anything bulky underneath, I would size up. The color is just lovely though! I really didn't expect to like this color so much and was sorely tempted to purchase this, but decided not to since I don

Store Fit Review! Down For It All Jacket in Dark Adobe

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend. I actually managed to stop by the store on Saturday. They had the Down For It All Jacket in dark adobe which isn't on the website yet. They do have the vest version  in dark adobe. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in fitted Lululemon tops. Last year's version I fit a size 2 in the Down For A Run Jacket ( read my review here ) but this year's Down For It All Jacket I fit a size 4. The jacket is definitely true to size. Do not size down! Down For It All Jacket  Dark Adobe Size 4 I'm pointing to the elastic on side pocket of the jacket. This elastic band nips the waist in and the reason why it's true to size. I definitely liked the length of this jacket. I like that they shortened the back of the jacket even more.  The jacket is very matte. It is not shiny at all. The zipper is actually the most shiny thing on the jacket. The fabric of the jacket reminds me of the Down and Ar

Upload! October 23rd 2018

Not much of an upload tonight. Only really interested in the Time To Thrive Jacket, although it looks more like a sweater. I wouldn't call it a jacket. Any items in particular you would like to see a review of from tonight's upload? Planning on placing an order at the end of the month for more reviews. I have a nice Fit Review Friday post coming up for you all! Down For It All Jacket Dark Chrome (I think it looks best in dark chrome) Down For It All Jacket Petrol Blue (Not crazy about the matte area in the front.) Call In Cozy Wrap Dark Adobe (This is really pretty, but not petite friendly, looks super long) Scuba Hoodie Night View Time To Thrive Jacket Heathered Dark Adobe (I actually quite like this.) Time To Thrive Jacket Heathered Silver Drop (This is the prettier color I think.) Align Pant Dusty Mauve (These would look so pretty with the Time To Thrive Jacket in silver drop) Wunder Under Crop Antique Bark In Mo