Store Fit Review! Down For It All Jacket in Dark Adobe

October 28, 2018

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend. I actually managed to stop by the store on Saturday. They had the Down For It All Jacket in dark adobe which isn't on the website yet. They do have the vest version in dark adobe.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in fitted Lululemon tops. Last year's version I fit a size 2 in the Down For A Run Jacket (read my review here) but this year's Down For It All Jacket I fit a size 4. The jacket is definitely true to size. Do not size down!

Down For It All Jacket Dark Adobe Size 4

I'm pointing to the elastic on side pocket of the jacket. This elastic band nips the waist in and the reason why it's true to size. I definitely liked the length of this jacket. I like that they shortened the back of the jacket even more. 

The jacket is very matte. It is not shiny at all. The zipper is actually the most shiny thing on the jacket. The fabric of the jacket reminds me of the Down and Around Jacket. Which I also have a review of here.

The sleeves are very long and bunch up towards the wrist. There are thumbholes but no cuffins.

I also noticed there's a weird lump when the jacket is completely zipped up. The jacket dips in at the sternum and then comes back up. It's very noticeable in the side profile picture. 

The zipper is also different. It looks like black tape and there is definitely more resistance when zipping up and down. You definitely need to apply more pressure than what is normal for a zipper.

Overall, I would have liked this jacket a lot if not for the weird lump/bump at the chest. I have last year's Down for A Run Jacket and prefer it over this one. That said, I did see the jacket in the dark chrome color and it is lovely! Unfortunately the store didn't have the size 4 for me to try on, so I don't know if the lump was just this one jacket or on all of them.


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  1. Thank you for the fit review, Leslie! The jacket looks very nice on you if you don’t fully zip it up! Yes the lump is really weird! Have you noticed that a lot of times the zippers of Lulu jackets are not sewn flat and they kind of get wavy here and there? Remember I had to return my Ivivva jacket because the zipper bulges out at th belly? Just thought maybe not all Down for it All Jackets have the same problem. Too bad you didn’t get to try on another one.

    I’m kind of interested in this jacket but wish the sleeves were slightly shorter. I also wish they had cuffins! To be honest there’s nothing really special about this jacket and I do miss the old Lulu jackets with all the interesting details!

    Did you get to try on other items at the store?

    1. I don't have that many Lulu jackets. I think just a handful and never noticed a problem with the zippers before, so this is new for me. I agree that this jacket isn't very special, it doesn't even have the reflective detail like last years. I did try on one tank that was on finale sale but it was pretty awful on me so I didn't bother taking photos! The store didn't have too much I was interested in. They did not have a lot of items I was looking for.

  2. I've missed on the down for a run jacket as I never wanted to pay full price, and it always sold out before I gave in.
    I really like the hem line on this version to last years. I ordered my tts, 8 and one up, 10 (36 inch chest, 30ish inch waist, 26 inch hips) and the size 10 was way too oversized, and would have been drafty for running.
    My largest complaint is the last of reflective detailing, as winter only has 6-7 hours of daylight, and I'm usually working. Second biggest is the lack of armpit zips or other ways to cool down without affecting the core. I'm undecided on the hood zip area as it is comfortable zipped all the way, and I think the hood would stay up better in the wind but lacks something in looks.
    I was able to fit several layers under it, and I want to start running more in all seasons so I am leaning towards keeping it.

    1. Whoops! 36 inch hips. They are tiny compared to my chest, but not that far off? :O But the point was that was probably why I couldn't go above tts for a technical piece.

    2. Curious does yours have the zipper problem I was having where the zipper looks lumpy near the chest/sternum area? It really bugged me when I had it zipped all the way up. Wasn't sure if it was just the one I had, or if it was all of them. The shorter hemline is very nice, but feel like last year's version was a little nicer with the details.

    3. If I look for the zipper bump, I can see it. It's not enough for me to notice on it's own. BUT I could see different bras affecting the size of divet. I might be related the zipper (I'm assuming it's thick to keep water/melting snow out).

      Agreed on the details. I think the cuffs were much better last year and the material more substantial.

      My biggest complaint overall about lululemon is the constant removal of design elements. The jackets last year, three years, six years were better with more thought and higher quality construction. It's so frustrating that lululemon is not what it was, but it's still better than most brands/items I've found. lol, it's probably like being a parent... "What you're doing is good, but it could be great. Why isn't it great?"

    4. Totally agree with Banana - I LOVED the little design details that LLM used to incorporate, even if it was just a really nice gold zipper or something :/

    5. I agree, that rose gold zipper on my heather barkberry Scuba is amazing. Still love it.

  3. That color looks really good on you, girl! Werk it!

  4. I had the same exact lump issue with the vest! I don't know what the deal is with it but it was a dealbreaker for me too. Also didn't like the sticky zipper. :(

    1. Yes agreed! I try not to settle anymore, prices are too high to settle!


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