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Fit Review Friday! Lululemon Down & Around Jacket, Scuba Hoodie IV

Happy Friday! Fall finally arrived in Atlanta and I'm loving it! Burgundy is the color that reminds me of fall the most, so it's no surprise that I've been looking at burgundy colored pieces these days. I ordered the Down & Around Jacket in dark cedar.

 For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and Size 4 in Define Jackets and size 2 in Scuba Hoodies.

I purchased this in my usual size 4 and I love how it fits. It's not tight at all, but not too loose. It's perfect if you want to layer underneath for extra chilly days. This jacket is made with 800 goose down in the front and half of the back part of the jacket. The sleeves are made of spacer fabric. It's soft and just slightly spongy to the touch.

This jacket is super flattering on. Even my husband commented that the fit is amazing. It gives me a hour glass figure which you can see from the back. The color however, is not at all what the website shows. Here is the photo from the website.

The color looks so much better on the website that when I first saw it in real life, I was very disappointed. Dark cedar is a much more muted brown-red than the bright and vibrant red I was expecting. The fit is so flattering I'm going to see if I can exchange it for another color. I'm thinking possibly navy or the armory green. I'm not usually a green person, but I'm willing to give it a try.

The sleeves are not too long, but they do fit loose around the wrists as you can see in the below photos. There are no thumb holes but I'm okay with that. The cuffs are ribbed and do not lay flat since my arms are on the shorter end. They poof out a bit.

Thumbs up for fit, thumbs down for color.

 When I saw the Scuba Hoodie in viola I thought it looked almost velvety from the photos. Again, this is the case where the item doesn't match the photos from the website. The difference isn't as great as the Down & Around Jacket but it's still somewhat of a disappointment.

Looks super luxe and velvety for some reason.

Color is still lovely even if it looks a bit flat

The fit is the same as my other Scuba Hoodie IV. It's a casual loose fit. I ended up returning this, but if I see it on markdown I may pick it up. I don't need any more hoodies though!!! I don't know why I keep buying them to try. 😂

In other news, I have a big photoshoot to do this weekend and will have lots more reviews coming up. I also placed an ordered with Werkshop today for the Ode To the Moon print. I'm super excited about that and can't wait to get them. That's it for me! Hope you all have a great weekend!



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