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Australian Upload! May 9th 2016

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  So I'm not really a fan of the lace print, but it seems to be very popular and the trend for now.  In other news my Jellyfish Werkshop leggings were delivered... to someone else!  I'm really hoping a good samaritan will return them to me...  fingers crossed! Fluffing Awesome Jacket in Hero Blue Fluffin Awesome Vest in Freckle Flower Speed Tight in Space Dye Camo Seal Gray Speed Tight in Space Dye Camo Seal Gray Tight Stuff 7/8 Tight in Pretty Lace Turn Around Tight in Mini Check Pique in Heathered Black White Wunder Under Crop in Pretty Lace Tight Stuff Crop in Pretty Lace

Store Visit Today - Down For A Run Vest & Down For A Run Jacket Review

The store had all of the down items in stock but I only decided to try on the vest and the jacket as I am not a big fan of pullovers.  Of all the colors, the Black Grape is the nicest out of the four.  My second favorite color would be the Forage Teal, but I'm not a big fan of green.  The white is just too white and I would never be able to keep it clean.  The black is too boring.  Looks like everything else.  So if the vest ever came out in Black Grape I would consider it. Down For A Run Vest in Size 2 I tried on both the size 2 and the 4.  The 2 definitely fit me best.  I liked how slim it made me look.  It's very figure flattering.  The back looks very nice.  However, I don't usually wear vests....   This is a size 4.  Noticeably looser, more comfortable for layering. Down For A Run Jacket in White Size 2 Interestingly enough, the stores carry a size 2 but the website only has size 4 and up.  What I didn't like about this jacket is t