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Australian Upload! May 9th 2016

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  So I'm not really a fan of the lace print, but it seems to be very popular and the trend for now.  In other news my Jellyfish Werkshop leggings were delivered... to someone else!  I'm really hoping a good samaritan will return them to me...  fingers crossed!

Fluffing Awesome Jacket in Hero Blue

Fluffin Awesome Vest in Freckle Flower

Speed Tight in Space Dye Camo Seal Gray

Speed Tight in Space Dye Camo Seal Gray

Tight Stuff 7/8 Tight in Pretty Lace

Turn Around Tight in Mini Check Pique in Heathered Black White

Wunder Under Crop in Pretty Lace

Tight Stuff Crop in Pretty Lace


  1. Oh no! Sorry about your workshop leggings...hopefully you will get them. You can always file a claim via the carrier and the retailer should refund or resend.
    You look great on your recent purchases! I recently bought the Lulu cap on WMTM in a different thanks for your reviews. I dislike the sun beaming in my eyes & face, even though the NY sun isn't as strong as Atlanta's.

    The same thing (almost) is occurring with Ebay priority package (a HTF Lulu item) sent to me was 'officially' delivered via tracking but never appeared at my doorstep or my mailbox....ugghhh...I don't think paypal will compensate & it isn't the seller's fault..of all the years I have been with ebay; this hasn't ever happened...I'm launching a postal search. Luckily I only paid $40, but wondering how to recoup the loss as it isn't the seller's fault..& ebay or paypal isn't an official retailer company that would compensate.
    Crossing my fingers for the both of us.
    Hopefully, not too many goodies at Lulu tonite.....too much already on my wish Sad that the Hey Lululemon & What We Love will be shut down mid May with no more sneak peeks & guest conversations.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. So far no Werkshop leggings... I emailed them to see if they would be able to help me out. So far no response.

      Where in NY are you? I miss my family there, specifically my grandma. I didn't get to spend Mother's Day with my mom and grandma this year. First time ever....

      Let me know what happens with your eBay item. I don't recall this ever happening with me either in all my years buying online. But I guess there's always the first time... I'm about to post about tonight's upload. Lots of new things!

      I wonder why they are shutting down Hey Lululemon & What We Love?

  2. Hi! I am in Long Island, NY. Must have been hard not to be with your mom, grandma, and family this Mother's Day...I am sure they miss u & counting the days seeing u & ur hubby!!

    Yes, lots of goodies this upload. I like the foli manifesto bali breeze WUC . But holding off b/c I just bought the Foli Manifesto CRB. The manifesto print inspires me; esp. when it is hidden in a paisley pattern I am assuming the WUC will be heavy on the polyester.
    I think there in no particular reason why they are shutting down Hey Lululemon & What We Love other than Lulu feels it's time to move on....
    What do you think of the new Lulu website for purchases?
    As for future ebay purchases, this one left such a bad taste in my mouth...not the seller's fault..maybe I will add postal insurance next time? for now, I'm shying away from ebay. I wish this lost item were from a retail company . I am hoping you get your Werkshop leggings and that Werkshop provides you a resolution.
    You rock your Quay sunglasses & the latest Werkshop tentacles leggings you just featured in April! So pretty & unique!

    1. I'm originally from Brooklyn, then moved to Queens. Somehow I ended up in Atlanta. haha.

      The new website is interesting. I prefer models instead of stock photos of the item as the first image. I know if you click on it you see the models but overall it isn't bad, I like it. Looks more modern and updated. I haven't bought anything from the new website yet. I prefer buying in person these days!

      If the seller shipped through eBay and sent it by first class, eBay provides up to $50 covered insurance for your item. So technically it IS insured. I do a lot of selling through eBay myself....

      Thank you!!! The Quay sunglasses are so addictive. I bought three and it came out to $140? Something like that, no tax through Asos. Worth it since they also provide free returns. I ordered 6 to try!

      I have a lot of love for Werkshop leggings which is why I'm so bummed about my Jellyfish ones. =T


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