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Upload! June 18th 2019

Fairly boring upload for me this week. Not much I'm really interested in. What about you? Did you get anything? What interests you or do you find this upload boring as well? Sculpt Tank Tropical Shadow Starlight (This looks very pretty, for some reason I am digging this print.) Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Tribal Pace (A little too much going on for me.) Reveal Tank Zen Expression Vintage Mauve (I'm personally not a fan of the lace but I do think it's pretty and looks nice.) Essential Tank Heathered Light Coral Love Tank Pleated Red Dust Reveal Bra Zen Expression Solar Gray Scuba Pullover Washed Quicksand Define Jacket Tropical Shadow Starlight Reveal Tight Zen Expression Solar Gray On The Fly 7/8 Pant Woven Red Dust (Pretty color.) Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Luxtreme Wee Are From Space Sheer Blue Chambray Train Times Pant Wee Are From Space Sheer Blue Chambray Reveal Crop Zen Expression Vintage Mauve

USA / Canada Upload! July 11th 2017

Lots of submarine and nile blue which I can't really tell what the difference is? Both colors are really nice but so similar. So far nothing for me this upload, which is good because I've already spent enough money the past few uploads. I'll probably head to the store this weekend to check out some of these new items in person. Anything for you? Reveal Crop Black (Looks great, but again the underwear problem!) Reveal Tank Submarine Reveal 7/8 Tight Submarine Sweat Your Heart Out Tank Submarine (I'm really digging this submarine color, but the tank reminds me of something I saw at Victoria's Secret once.) Sweat Your Heart Out Crop Black Wunder Under Hi-Rise 1/2 Tight Low Tide Blush Berry (I believe this is the first time I've seen an asian model for Lulu! She's cute.) Speed Short Ice Milk Long Distance Short Sleeve Heathered Nile Blue (What is the difference between this and submarine?)   Another Round L