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Fit Review! Runderful Pant and Chilly Bomber

Yesterday I went to the Natick Mall to see if they had the Runderful Pant that's now up on WMTM for $79 marked down from $128.  That's a decent amount of savings of almost $50. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches.  I'm a size 4 in bottoms and fitted tops.  Outerwear I size down to a 2. I tried on my regular size 4 in bottoms, I am almost never a size 2.  The lining feels like a pair of Wunder Under tights and the outside is thin and bunchy.  Once you get them on, they are pretty comfortable to wear.  But I just couldn't get over how clingy the fabric was and how wrinkled and bunchy they looked on me.  Maybe I should have tried on a size 2?  But I doubt that would have helped much.  Super easy pass! Runderful Pant in Black Grape Size 4 My face says it all! I also tried on the Chilly Bomber in black/heathered deep coal.  I took my usual size 2.  It felt a little bit tight around the arm pit area, and the material on the outside of the jacket is som

What We Love December 4th 2015

This week the only item that interests me is the Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket since I missed out on the Bordeaux drama Scuba Hoodie III.  It sold out so fast online and I never even saw it at the stores.  This one would be a good substitute without the hood of the Scuba.  However I wish they made the zipper gold or something other than the flat black.  I wonder what the price point will be on the new jacket.