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First Lululemon Outlet in Georgia!

One of my readers, Shelley, let me in on this little piece of news. There's a little article online about the grand opening on August 5th. I also took a screen shot of it in case the link gets taken down. I did not get to go this weekend, but Shelley did! She took a few pictures and sent them to me. Prices seem similar to warehouse sales. Men's pricing Women's pricing Here's Shelley's comments on her visit. She got there before the store opened at 10 am. "Long line to get in! $30 Cool Racerbacks, $20 shorts. They had some Tight Stuff Crops with Hong Kong pricing. Some tights with prints going back 2-3 years. Cyber Stripe High Times. Energy Bras, Speed Shorts, some Free To Be Wild Bras. Saw a blue Down For A Run Vest for $99. I walked out with a Rebel Runner Crop for $50 and 105 Singlet for $40." Thank you so much Shelley!!! The photos are great.  From where I live, the outlet is about an hour drive north. I will