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Review! Coach Revel Bag & WMTM Update!

Happy Friday! This has been such a crazy week for me that I'm so glad it's Friday. In case you missed it, Lululemon released the  Tapered-Leg Mid-Rise Crop 25" in five colors! I placed an order for Graphite Gray to try. I'll have a fit review coming shortly. I am hoping it will be a nice On The Fly replacement.  Today's review we have a Coach bag that is very similar to Louis Vuitton's Alma BB . I've always admired the Alma BB but never pulled the trigger. When Coach released their version for a fraction of the price, I thought, why not?  Coach Revel Bag   Dark Stone Sizing 10.25"L x 7.75"H x 4.75"W The size of the Revel is nearly identical to the Alma BB. Alma BB is 9" wide, 7.5" in height and 4.3 inches deep. I would consider the Revel to be small to medium sized bag. Later in the post, I will show what fits inside.  Accessories   The Revel comes with a detachable strap, hangtag, lock, and key. The bottom of the bag has feet. The

We tried HelloFresh for the past two months - Here's our review

Hi everyone! This post is written by my husband. Some of you may know he does all the cooking around here. 😅 We noticed we were spending a lot of money on food and eating out every month and wanted to see if a meal kit service would save us money and time. After looking at a few meal kit services we settled on HelloFresh. Without further ado, here's Jared's review. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you may have seen from Leslie's Instagram stories for the past 2 months, we've been using HelloFresh for most of our meals. The main drivers for this were to better track what we eat and because on the advice of my doctor, I should be eating more home cooked meals. Before I go any further, it should be noted that my original career path was in culinary arts, but twists and turns in life changed that. So I do have formal cooking experience. A little background story. Over the years, I've developed a love/hate relationship with c

Louis Vuitton Monogram Jacquard Denim Bleu Speedy Bandouliere 25 Review!

  Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I will be visiting my family in New York very soon and will be celebrating Mother's Day late with my mom and grandma.  Some of you know that my true passion lies with purses. Every since I was a child, I just really loved book bags, messenger bags, and I think it's because I used to read this book that showed a girl going to school and she used this brown leather messenger bag to carry her books and I was just obsessed after that. I wish I remembered what book it was. Obviously the bag made the more lasting impression. 😂 For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall. Speedy Denim This is my third Louis Vuitton bag. My first one was a Monogram Speedy 30 that I bought nearly 20 years ago, second hand for $450. I still have it! A few years ago, I had an artist Chelsea Champlain paint a bee on it for me. She did some work with Coach back in 2018 and I just fell in love with her artwork. She's such an amazing artist. I'm never ever going to