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Review! Everywhere Belt Bag Extended Strap VS Everywhere Belt Bag Original

  Happy May! Can't believe summer is right around the corner. I'm looking forward to visiting my family later this month. It's been nearly a year since I've been back to NYC. I'm already thinking about all the dim sum I'm going to cram in the 10 days I'm there! 😆  Today I have a review of the new  Everywhere Belt Bag Extended Strap  compared to the original  Everywhere Belt Bag  that is slowly being phased out. 😢  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall. Typically wear a size 4 in Lululemon tops. Left - Everywhere Belt Bag Tidewater Teal  Right Everywhere Belt Bag Extended Strap Lavender Fog If you missed it, you can check out my original  Everywhere Belt Bag Review I have both belt bags at the longest setting. The extended strap version is a couple inches longer in length. This may be beneficial if I'm wearing a thick winter coat. Since I'm just wearing a tank, the longest length is a little bit too droopy. Of course you can always shorten th

Review! Mulberry Mini Alexa in Oak & Prada Fairy Bag!

I'm so ready for my mini road trip! I forgot to mention that I'm heading to Panama City Beach for a long weekend with my husband. I'm long overdue for some R&R. I also want to take a trip to visit my family in New York. It will be a year come May. I can't believe  how fast time flies. I'm going to take my new to me Prada Fairy Tote I just got in from Vestaire Collective . James Jean is the artist behind this Fairy Bag that was released in 2008. I've always wanted this bag and I finally have her 14 years later! Oh yes, I can be patient. I can do a full review if anyone is interested, but here she is!  Today, I have another Mulberry review. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and weigh 103 lbs and usually a size 4.   Mulberry Mini Alexa Oak In 2010, Mulberry released the Alexa bag named after Alexa Chung. She was a British model that had amazing street style and the bag quickly became a classic. It was featured on Gossip Girl and celebrities like Sarah

Review! On Cloud Tide Magnet & Photos of the New Office

How is everyone doing? Have you seen the meme going around that says "I really enjoyed the five minutes between Covid and World War III?" or "We survived the pandemic to be rewarded with WWIII? It's awful to see what's happening to Ukraine. It makes things like reviewing clothing and accessories just seem superfluous at times like this. I've donated to a few places that will help aid the people of Ukraine. If you can help, please do. The company I work for has offered to match every donation so definitely see if that's something available to you as well. I will link a few charities to donate to at the end of this post for those who may be interested.  In other news, the weekends always feel too short. On Saturday I usually end up doing errands. Sunday- I try to relax and take a moment but it makes me sad that Monday is around the corner. I've mentioned in my previous post that my office moved to a new location. The new space is very nice. I shared som