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Run Fast Neck Warmer Lights Out!!

I forgot to post this last week when I was in NYC.  My husband got me the Run Fast Neck Warmer Lights Out from the Limited Edition Black Friday Collection.  I have to say it's pretty freaking cool.  It's sold out online but I have seen it at the stores still. You can also follow me on Instagram here .

More Photos of Black Friday Special Limited Edition Pieces

Here are some photos the surfaced today.  I'm not impressed with the pieces especially for the price.  Even if I won the lotto, I don't think I would want these pieces  I'm not crazy about the snakeskin print.  Unless you're a serious collector that's also a night runner, I would wait.  Who knows, maybe it will even hit WMTM? Pace Tight Reflective $298 Speed Tight IV $198