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USA / Canada Upload! June 6th 2017

I'm loving the breeze by white light print. I'm a little sad it isn't available in the Train Times Crop and might just order the 7/8 version to try. The Speed Shorts are also tempting me. I'll probably place an order tonight after I finish up this post and I'll definitely be going to the mall on Thursday after work to check out the print in person. If there's something you would like me to do a review of let me know! Train Times Bra Breeze By White Light  Train Times 7/8 Pant Breeze By White Light (I've added this to my cart but really wish it were the crops) Speed Short Breeze By White Light (I feel like these are cheapened by the gray band across the waist) Essential Tank Tiger Space Dye (I have this in my cart) Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise Jaded Pace Perfect Crop Breeze By White Light (I may order these to try) Swiftly Racerback Bleacher Blue Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight Summer Haze Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7