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USA / Canada Upload! April 12th 2016

Lots of goodies uploaded tonight!  It's making my fingers twitch and my credit cards want to go into hiding.  I'm trying to hold off and wait until I can get to a store.  I prefer buying in person than online these days.  A lot of the times when I order online, even if I don't love it, but if I kinda like it my mind automatically goes, "well since it's here, I might as well keep it."  I can get lazy with the returns. Did you guys order anything? Swiftly Racerback in Black Swiftly LS in Heathered Kayak Blue (so lovely!) Swiftly SS in Heathered Kayak Blue Align Pant in Deep Zinfandel Comfy As Sweat Pant in Heathered Red Grape High Times Pant in Wave Twist Lilac Caspian Blue In Flux Crop in Inkwell (LOVE!) Wunder Under Crop Hi Rise in Blurry Belle (please make these in High Times Pant!) Making Moves Short in Regal Plum The Essentials Bag in Blurry Belle Cool Racerback in Deep Zinfandel Energy Bra in Bl

What We Love! April 8th 2016

Next Tuesday we will be seeing a lot of Making Moves pieces.  I can't say I'm a huge fan of this collection.  None of it really interests me.  Maybe the shorts?  I'm kind of bummed the Blurry Belle Speed Shorts already sold out!  Bah!

Australian & UK Upload! March 28th 2016

A few things were uploaded today that were new from Australia- Making Moves Tank in Regal Plum I'm unsure about the side pleating though? Ready & Go Tank in Sea Mist Color is very pretty in this tank! I think this is new- Scuba Hoodie Terry in Heathered Inkwell Making Moves Short in Regal Plum And from the UK side we have a new Scuba Hoodie III in Posey Red Grape. I'll be on the road later tonight for the US/Canada upload.  May not be able to update until tomorrow. Hope there's some good surprises!