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New Arrivals Week of January 31st 2023

It's the last day of January! Final hours to get your orders in before Frugal February begins. Get it out of your system now. ūüėÜ This was an interesting upload. Lots of new items in Velvet Dust which I approve of. Lots of new in different shades of blue. The  Always Effortless Trench  looks awesome, but sadly it will be too overwhelming for us petites. Let me know what you ordered and if you're joining me next month for Frugal February let me know! More the merrier! Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip Hoodie Velvet Dust (Also in Bone!) Dynamic Movement 1/2 Zip Psychic Like a Cloud Longline Velvet Dust Align Tank Maldives Green Scuba HR French Terry Jogger Black (Anyone else find it super annoying when they don't disclose the length of the inseam?) Stretch HR Cropped Pant 23" Chambray Wunder Train HR Tight with Pockets 25" Chambray Align V-Waist Pant 25" Graphite Gray (Also in Velvet Dust.) Hotty Hot HR Short 2.5" Powder Blue Hotty Hot LR 2.5" Symphony Blue Spee

Frugal February Challenge, Fit Requests, and My Growing Wish!

  I can't believe February is right around the corner. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I'll be participating in Frugal February. If you're new to my blog, this is something I do every year and have been for a long time. I look forward to this even though February is my birthday month. It's somewhat of a silver lining because it doesn't allow me to go completely crazy and celebrate my birthday all month long. However, I do keep a wish list going and once March comes around, if I still want those items, I allow myself to purchase them. This way it's a thought out purchase and not an impulse buy. Well, you may ask, "What happens if the stuff on your wish list sells out?" It's perfectly fine if it does because I'm sure it'll be a little painful but there's always secondhand platforms like Poshmark or Ebay if I really REALLY want the item.  I like to do this challenge twice a year. It allows me to reset my sho

Review! Polène Mini Numéro Neuf Blush

  Happy Friday! Today, I have a Pol√®ne review. I've been curious about their bags for the last couple of years, but never pulled the trigger until I saw the mini Neuf in this gorgeous rose/blush color.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall. Num√©ro Neuf Mini Blush Also wearing Boden Cashmere Cardigan  Size 4 Anthropologie Pant (old) Pol√®ne bags have gained popularity over the years and have been spotted in Netflix's popular show - Emily in Paris. They're known for their high quality purses that are hand crafted in Spain. The Num√©ro Neuf caught my eye because of the cute dumpling shape. The bag can be worn a few ways and I really enjoy carrying it by the handle. The handle drop is small and it just fits over my wrist with a sweater on. It will be more of a challenge with a coat or jacket which is something to keep in mind.  Num√©ro Neuf Mini Blush Dimensions - 9" (L) x 5.25" (H)  x 5.5" (W) Pol√®ne uses full-grain textured calf leather for most of their ba