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WMTM - Worthy Mentionables

These are the needles in the haystack.  Who knows, the way Lululemon is lately there may be more goodies uploaded tomorrow. Rise and Run Bra $34-$39 Stress Less Hoodie $79 Be Present Scarf $39   (I have this in my cart it is super soft!) Scuba Hoodie in Heathered Bark Berry !!!!!!!  (if they had this in my size I would buy another, I absolutely love mine.) Spring Fling Puffy Windbreaker $139 (kinda tempted by this) Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise $74 Rise and Run Bra  $34-$39 Rush Hour Jacket $119 (I never did try this on, but that purple is super nice)

UK Upload! September 13th 2016

Purple is my favorite color so I'm very pleased with UK's upload!  I'm loving the teeny tooth deep fuchsia.  I'll take one of each in everything it comes out in!  Looking forward to tonight's upload! Free To Be Bra in Teeny Tooth Deep Fuchsia (I want this of course!) Rush Hour 1/2 Zip in Running Luon Spray Jacquard  Rush Hour Long Sleeve in Black Down For It Jacket in Greyvy (this is nice but I won't be needing anymore down jackets living in Atlanta!) Rush Hour Jacket in Sapphire Blue Rush Hour Jacket in Darkest Magenta (I like this a lot!  But it's not something I'll really use) Like Nothing 7/8 Tight in Darkest Magenta Wunder Under Crop in Teeny Tooth Deep  Fuchsia (if this ever comes to US, I'm ordering it!)