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WMTM - Worthy Mentionables

These are the needles in the haystack.  Who knows, the way Lululemon is lately there may be more goodies uploaded tomorrow.

(I have this in my cart it is super soft!)

(if they had this in my size I would buy another, I absolutely love mine.)

(kinda tempted by this)

(I never did try this on, but that purple is super nice)


  1. bought the scuba in bark berry! I couldnt help myself the color is gorgeous

  2. Congrats!! It's my favorite hoodie of all time!!

  3. Only if they had in my size!!! Nothing for me for this week

  4. Now i see runaway jacket is $89. Im super tempted but not sure of size!!

    1. I've never tried it on before and it would be risky to buy, the reviews say the mid section fits tight. so maybe size up to be safe.


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