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Fit Review! Swiftly SS, Precision Jacket, Speed Shorts, Run Times Short

I took my once a week trip to the store to see what's new.  They had tons of new things for me to try on and I was most excited about the Speed Shorts. As usual I'm normally a size 4 in fitted tops and bottoms. The heathered boom juice Swiftly SS was on my wish list for a while.  I finally found one at the store to try on, I'm guessing it was a return.  While the color looks very pretty on me I didn't think it was a must have in my collection. Swiftly SS in Heathered Boom Juice Size 4 I'm also wearing it with a pair of Run Times Short in pretty prism print.  The print isn't bad, but I thought the shorts looked wrinkly even though they weren't.  The size 4 was a tiny bit big on me and the store didn't have a size 2 for me to try on. Run Times Short in Pretty Prism Size 4 Weird that they kind of look wrinkly! Next up, I grabbed the Swiftly SS in black that everyone's raving about.  The store only had a size 4 in the SS.