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What's New From Werkshop, Athleta & Lululemon

Since I've been away for so long I haven't had much to review. Werkshop recently released an athleisure line and booty shorts. I'm not 100% sure these are petite friendly because of the high rise and super long length for the leggings. If anyone has tried any of these styles let me know. I've been a huge Werkshop fan, but not sure these would work for those who are extra petite. Booty Shorts- Starry Night Booty Shorts- Purple Palms Athleisure- Mariposa Athleisure- Dope Athleisure- Sea MashUp Athleisure- Fantasy MashUp Athleisure- Zen Garden MashUp I've been looking for some summer dresses since Lululemon's Cinch It Dress didn't work out for me. I saw Athleta has some in petite sizing, but unfortunately most of the petite sizes already sold out! I guess you really have to be on top of new releases if you're petite. I'm going to stalk the website for returns and maybe I'll get lucky. In the meantime here are