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Review! What The Sport Tee & Beat The Heat Short Sleeve Tiger Space Dye

Last week I ordered two What The Sport Tees.  One was on mark down in heathered red grape and the other color tiger space dye is still full priced.  I ordered both in size 2 which is my normal size in this particular top.  I also ordered Beat The Heat Short Sleeve also in tiger space dye so I could determine which I liked better.  I ordered a size 4 in Beat The Heat Short Sleeve. On the left Beat The Heat Short Sleeve on the right What The Sport Tee The heatherd red grape fit me perfectly.  Sometimes it's a gamble with WMTM since Lululemon isn't always consistent with sizes.   Here is a perfect example.  The tiger space dye version is actually cut more narrow in the shoulders.  There's a little bit of pulling in my armpit area that isn't comfortable so I'm returning it this weekend.  I'm keeping Beat The Heat Short Sleeve in tiger space dye. I lined up the left sides of the tiger space dye over the heathered red grape.  You can see it's cut nar

Exclusive SeaWheeze Gear 2016!

New photos have been released on the SeaWheeze website .  For the women's I'm only digging the fuchsia colored outfit.  The rest of it doesn't appeal to me.  Just reminds me of 80s technicolor!  The men's is a bit more subdued and for the better.  What do you guys think? And for the men's-

Cool Racerback Discontinued?

With all the recent discussion on this topic, here's my opinion.  As a petite person the Cool Racerback was never perfect.  Yes I admit I own 8 of them but I have two major issues with these tanks.  My top gripe is how low cut the tanks are on me.  I would prefer a higher cut for more coverage.  I can basically only wear these tanks when I workout, where showing a sports bra underneath that would peak out is not a major issue.  I couldn't wear these tanks to work because my regular bra would be on full display.  Could I wear these out casually?  Maybe, but I don't think I would be fully comfortable with it.  My second issue which isn't as important since these can be hemmed, is the length is always way too long.  And because of this, only the heathered versions of the tank worked since the material is much softer, stretchier, thinner and slinkier I could get away with it bunched up a bit around my waist. For us petites, a new version of the Cool Racerback with a sh

Werkshop Review! Full Length Purple Scales!

I've been eyeing these Purple Scales Werkshop Leggings for a couple of months.  When I was finally ready to buy them in June my size was out of stock.  Patience is key with Werkshop.  Many times size small will be sold out, but if you wait a month or two they always restock.  Last week when I checked and saw my size, I jumped on them.  I own 5 other pairs of Werkshop leggings but they are all crop length.  This is my first full length legging from Werkshop. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and usually a size 4 in Lululemon Wunder Unders. Purple Scales One of the best things about buying from Werkshop is their consistency with sizes.  I'm a size small and these fit exactly like my other Werkshop crops.   I see a lot of people doing yoga with the bottoms folded over their feet and I don't know if I would ever do that myself, but I'm just showing how long these can be on my short frame.   If you notice they are a little baggy around my

USA / Canada Upload! July 26th 2016

Not much of an upload today.  But that's okay with me.  I spent more than I should have last week.  My wallet is still trying to recover. Sweat Date Tank in Heathered Black Flip Your Dog Long Sleeve in Heathered Hero Blue High Times Pant in Metallic Lumatrix in Heathered Deal Coal (Not too crazy about all these stripes in all directions) Wunder Under Pant III in Metallic Lumatrix in Heathered Deal Coal Urbanite Backpack in Rose Blush (I kinda love this color!  So pretty for Spring and Summer.) Canada- Pace Rival Crop in Space Dye Camp Alberta Lake Fresh Teal Flow & Go Crop in Cool Cocoa  

Australia Upload! July 25th 2016

Nothing too exciting this week. Weather You're Ready Jacket in Hero Blue Go The Distance Vest in Paint Storm Harbor Blue Speed Wunder Tight in Black Pace Rival Crop in Wee Are From Space

Huge WMTM Sneaky Upload!

I don't usually write about WMTM unless there's a really good sale happening.  I don't know if you guys noticed but when I checked today there was a lot more stuff added to the sale since yesterday.  I ended up ordering a bunch of things.  Very very bad... so here are my picks from the sale.  It's a top 10 if you will!  And a quick note, I own each and every one of these that I've listed below in one color or another. Yogi Everyday Tank in Heathered Cape Red I have about 3 of these Yogi Tanks and love them.  For someone who is petite, these aren't cut too low in the front.  Perfect! What The Sport Tee I have this tee in about 3 colors as well.  I am actually liking them more than my Swiftly short sleeves.  I'm debating on selling the ones I have to get more of these! As of now only small sizes are left, but they run big.  So you can size down in this.   On The Daily Hoodie in Heathered Peacock Blue So this is very interesting to me.  Thi

Fit Review Friday! Flip Your Dog LS, Align Crop, Goal Crusher Crop!

So yesterday was a very good day or aka very bad day for my wallet.  Last week I tried on the What The Sport Tee in Tiger Space Dye but in a size 4.  I'm normally a size 2 in that top.  The store no longer had the size 2 in stock so I ended up ordering it online.  However I also bought Beat The Heat Short Sleeve in the same color to see which one I like more.  I'll end up returning one of them. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically size 4 in tops and bottoms. Quick photo I took of Beat The Heat Short Sleeve Size 4 I was surprised the store had Flip Your Dog tops.  The website did not have these uploaded on Tuesday but one of my readers spotted them in Canada.  I tried it on to see, but right away I knew it was too long for my petite frame. It's a very loose fitting top and I tried this on in a size 4.  Which I'm glad I did because the sleeves were surprisingly tight.  I think they would have been too tight if I sized down to a 2 and I hav