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Review J.Crew Signet Bag Italian Leather

This post is long overdue. Last month when I was on my shopping ban, J.Crew had a 30% off coupon that was only good for a few days. I was lamenting to my husband that I really wanted to get the black version of the Signet bag that I already had in soft blossom. It's a great everyday bag and one I use daily for work. He said he would get it for me for my birthday. I told him I wanted it monogrammed. I also mentioned that I didn't want my initials monogrammed. I told him he should surprise me with a fun acronym. Boy did he ever! *Edit- get 30% off with CODE: HAPPYSPRING Black Signet Bag Monogrammed Everyone knows what FML stands for, right? But coming from my husband it also means "For My Love". He knew I would love the duality of the acronym. It's absolutely perfect! 😆 The Signet bag also comes in a variety of colors. Each one comes with a different colored key fob. The fob contains the keys to the lock that comes with the bag. I haven't actually tr

WMTM & Random Musings

Not much of a WMTM update today, but a few things I'd like to mention. I surprisingly really like this yoga bag. I just don't have any real need for one! The Yoga Bag $39 The Yoga Bag $39 Ready To Rulu Turtleneck $59 So now that I have a full time job that requires me to actually dress up, and by dressing up I mean business casual. I've been looking at clothing that I could wear to the office and outside of the office. A turtleneck would work, but I think I would just get too hot and there's nothing worse than sweating and not able to take it off! But I love rulu and this definitely caught my eye. If you get cold easily this might be for you.  Layer Me Turtleneck $59 Here's another option. This one is even more work appropriate, it's more fitted.  Swiftly Racerback $44 How is everyone's week going? How is your frugal February going so far? I'm wrapping up my first week at my new job and my ban is going fantastic. I'm