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WMTM & Random Musings

Not much of a WMTM update today, but a few things I'd like to mention. I surprisingly really like this yoga bag. I just don't have any real need for one!

So now that I have a full time job that requires me to actually dress up, and by dressing up I mean business casual. I've been looking at clothing that I could wear to the office and outside of the office. A turtleneck would work, but I think I would just get too hot and there's nothing worse than sweating and not able to take it off! But I love rulu and this definitely caught my eye. If you get cold easily this might be for you. 

Here's another option. This one is even more work appropriate, it's more fitted. 

How is everyone's week going? How is your frugal February going so far? I'm wrapping up my first week at my new job and my ban is going fantastic. I'm so busy at work and by the time I get home and do everything I need to do, I just pass out in my bed. I literally have no time to surf or shop online! It's like I have no time to spend money! It's great! I do have a computer at the office, but since I just started, I do not want to take the chance at being caught surfing the internet just yet. 

I do have some unfortunate news. I won't be posting a Fit Review Friday tomorrow. I know a lot of you look forward to my fit reviews but with the traveling to New York and starting my new job this week, I do not have anything lined up. However, I will be taking tons of photos this weekend so I should be back up and running with a more normal posting schedule next week. 

Last thing I want to mention is how much I am loving my new Signet Bag! I needed a more appropriate work bag and decided on the Signet bag in soft blossom. I purchased this from J.Crew for full price just a couple of weeks ago and of course I get an email today that J.Crew is giving 20% off full price items. The black color is on my wish list so I'm hoping my DH will read this and order me one for my birthday since I'm on a ban, ha ha ha!

The size is perfect for a small everyday bag. It fits my wallet, iPhone, keys, a pair of sunglasses, my lipstick and inhaler with more room to spare. Sorry for the craptastic modeling shot below but it gives you an idea of how big it is. The bag actually looks bigger in the photo since it's in front of my body. 

Here is another shot, please excuse the mess! It's more accurate size wise. The strap is also long and I tied a knot in the back to shorten it. 

The leather is really soft and pebbly. There's an outside pocket to stash receipts. There's also two inside pockets for cards and change. The hardware is a very subtle gold which I really like. The color is a soft pink and it matches my Fitbit. =)

I want to mention how sweet my husband is. He had flowers sent to my office on my first day at work. Aren't they just gorgeous?! I should really take some more photos of them before they die. 

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


  1. I just have to say this, you are so cute! Wish we were the same size, because if you ever had like a sale of your pre-loved items, I would be SO IN! Lots of love, from Malaysia.

  2. Happy to hear your new job is going well and love your new purse! Look forward to seeing your fit review post this weekend. :) I bought the midnight navy swiftly tank from this upload b/c it matches all my bottoms, read this one was nice, and swiftly tanks are my favorite workout top (yet I only had 2 before this... shocking lol). Eyeing the plum swiftly tank on wmtm too.. :X

    1. Wow, I have close to 10 Swiftly tanks, I think actually 8. The plum is very nice but I have something similar. I also have something similar to the navy too... but not as dark. Both are great colors!


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