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My Allbirds Wool Runners - 2 Years Later

Happy Friday! We made it another week.  I hope everyone is doing well. I hope everyone is staying indoors. I ended up placing a pretty big Lululemon yesterday, so hopefully I'll have some awesome reviews coming up.  Yesterday, Facebook sent me a notification that showed me a memory from two years ago and my photo of my very first pair of allbirds popped up. I thought it would be a good time to post an update on how they have held up.  My very first pair of allbirds . Same pair, photo taken today. They held up pretty well. Granted, I don't wear the same pair everyday. My collection of allbirds has grown. I have three pairs of wool runners . Two pairs of the breezers (flats) and one pair of mizzles .  They are practicing social distancing. 😆 Flash checking out my collection. My favorite paid has to be the mizzles . I have probably worn them the most. I find them to be super comfortable. It's like wearing my favorite pair of Ugg slipp

Review! Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzle

While in Boston, we walked a lot. About 9 miles a day. I was wearing my Allbirds Wool Runners and  we saw an Allbirds store on Newbury Street. It wasn't my first time entering an actual Allbirds store, but it was for my husband. He has always complained about not being able to wear his Allbirds in the rain. Well, what do you know, Allbirds just dropped their new Mizzle Collection . The definition of the word mizzle means light rain; drizzle.  I finally purchased a pair of Allbirds from an actual brick and mortar. I of course went with the color harvest. The color my husband wanted was sold out in his size, so he ended up ordering a pair online.  Harvest Mizzle First of all, I have to mention how awesome the staff was at the store. Super friendly and very helpful. Check out how cool their packaging is. There is no need for a shopping bag. At the register, they ring you up and use an extra shoelace to create a handle for you to hold. It's pretty

Review- Allbirds Wool Runners Limited Edition Tuke Jam

Five months ago I reviewed my first pair of Allbirds in a pretty pink color. I'm very happy with how they are holding up. I don't wear them as my everyday shoe but I do wear them often on the weekends. (Note, these shoes are not meant to be used for running)  His and hers  Wool Runners My husband has two pairs himself and he wears them everyday. The very first pair he bought over a year ago started to wear out in the toe box. There's a hole starting to form where the big toe is. Even though the durability of the shoe seems to have a lifespan of a year (if you wear them everyday), he still maintains they're the most comfortable shoes he's ever worn. I have to agree. These feel like you're walking on clouds.   Size wise, these run small. I'm normally a size 5.5 but I can fit a 6 in these. I'm almost never a size 6. I like that you can also wear them without socks. They are made out of wool and they're very soft and breathable.

Review! Women's Allbirds Wool Runners

Happy Friday everyone! I'm super excited to share with you my review of Allbird's Wool Runners. It took me a long time to finally order a pair mainly because I thought I would need a size 5. (Allbirds only offers whole sizes) While they do have size 5 in stock, the colors offered were drab black and grays. For me, if I'm going to buy a pair I wanted something different, something pretty or something bright. Unfortunately the more interesting colors were only offered in sizes 6 and up. I saw these pretty pink tuke dusk available on their website (limited edition of course) and couldn't say no to them. I bit the bullet and ordered a size 6. My normal sneaker size is usually a size 5.5. If size 5.5 isn't available more often than not, I'm usually a size 5. Rarely am I ever a size 6. Wool Runners So, how do these fit? Size 6 is a little bit big on me, but not too big that I can't wear them. They are snug along the body of the shoe. I have a lit