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Review- Allbirds Wool Runners Limited Edition Tuke Jam

Five months ago I reviewed my first pair of Allbirds in a pretty pink color. I'm very happy with how they are holding up. I don't wear them as my everyday shoe but I do wear them often on the weekends. (Note, these shoes are not meant to be used for running) 

His and hers Wool Runners

My husband has two pairs himself and he wears them everyday. The very first pair he bought over a year ago started to wear out in the toe box. There's a hole starting to form where the big toe is. Even though the durability of the shoe seems to have a lifespan of a year (if you wear them everyday), he still maintains they're the most comfortable shoes he's ever worn. I have to agree. These feel like you're walking on clouds. 

 Size wise, these run small. I'm normally a size 5.5 but I can fit a 6 in these. I'm almost never a size 6. I like that you can also wear them without socks. They are made out of wool and they're very soft and breathable. That said, I do not recommend wearing these in the rain. Ever.

As you can see they do not have much traction.

I love that they match my Coach Dinky.

Allbirds also sells limited edition laces so you can customize them. I'm kind of a sucker for limited edition anything, so I am totally eyeing these. If your insoles start to wear out, you can also replace them for $15.

If anyone is wondering, I'm using the cat scratching post to take these photos. 😂
(It's a really nice scratching post.)

Apparently you can stick these in the washing machine but I haven't tried it. I guess I could throw my husband's pair in the washing machine to test it since they're on their way out. I'm just unsure of how they will dry. It says to let them air dry, but I don't know it just worries me! These also come with shoe inserts to help keep their shape when you're not wearing them. It does help, otherwise the toe box will cave in and they don't look as sharp. 

See how you can tell in the toe box isn't completely filled out on the left compared to the right? The shoe inserts really work. Overall, I love both pairs and can see myself adding more colors in the future. My husband will probably purchase another pair soon. For $95 they're still worth it considering he literally wears them everyday. 

That's it for me! Hope everyone has a great weekend, and there should be some Lululemon reviews coming up! 



  1. Have you tried the tree skippers? Have you also heard of rothys?

    1. My husband tried the tree runners and returned them. He didn't like how they fit. Preferred the wool runners.

    2. Meant to say haven't heard of rothys but I just looked them up- not really my style.

  2. You have me sold! I’ve been looking for daily sneakers but something not Nike or Adidas that can go with more outfits. I really like these and I’ll probably get a pair :D! Maybe next month though as I’m trying not to spend this month. (:
    I really like that they sell replacement insoles and custom laces.

    1. Yay! When you do get them, let me know your thoughts. I'm still watching what I'm spending as well. It's so hard though in the fall. It's my favorite time of the year to get new clothes. =)

    2. Same! I love buying clothes this time of year. Round two of the best deals seem to come after Christmas. As if Black Friday isn’t enough! Poor wallet.

  3. Would you call the Tuke Jam purple or brown?

    1. I would say it's more of a red with brown undertones.


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