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Editing My Wardrobe / Closet Clean Out!

With all the new quarantine clothing I've purchased since March, I definitely needed to do a closet clean out. I spent most of Friday editing my entire wardrobe. I started around 11 am and was finished by 5 pm with a couple of breaks. Quick note- it is best to do laundry before starting this project. You want to see every piece of clothing you own. I still had a couple of items in the laundry basket like bras and shorts but as I just wore them I knew they were keepers anyway. First thing I did was pull out every single item in my closet. Although I did not do socks and underwear. I'll probably go through that on another day. This is what it looked like. I piled it all up on the bed and it was piled HIGH. (Yes there are a few items that still have tags on! 😅) I decided to go through my work wardrobe and my t-shirts first. I donated a couple of pairs of pants and a handful of tees that I didn't like anymore or just never wore. I also picked out a few swe