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Greetings From New York & WMTM Update

  I can't believe how hot it is in New York right now. I left Atlanta in the 90s and it's been 90 and up since we arrived. I keep telling everybody that New York and Atlanta have the same kind of temperatures in the summer. It really isn't any different. It's just surprising it's still this hot in September.  I had dim sum two days in a row! 😅 Different places though.  Spilling tea everywhere 😆 Went to this super fancy Petco, located in Union Square. It's their new flagship store. There's a kitchen, barber shop, full-service veterinary hospital, it has it all. I like this cat bed, but my husband said no. 😑 Dog Crocs!!! This cute kitty is looking for a forever home. They had quite a large reptile section. Prices ranged from $15 to over $1000 for these guys.  Those crabs are from New Orleans! They were so good. Went to Sophies, I haven't been since 2015. Cuban Sandwich. Grand Central insane escalator. So good to see my friends! 💗 I'll be here for a

My NYC Trip!

Whenever I fly by myself I always try to get a window seat. I like looking out the window when the plane starts to land, especially when I'm heading back to NYC. I can always spot the building I used to work at.  The first thing that happens upon arriving back to NY, my parents always take me to dim sum and then my grandma always cooks me a huge meal to welcome me back. This was the first Thanksgiving without my husband and it was hard not being with him and Nero and now Sherlock. But I was so happy to see my grandma.  I always try to make my grandma laugh and right before I took this picture I said, "I don't know why my head looks so big next to yours." That totally did the trick. I also managed to make it back in time for my brother's 42nd birthday. How did we get so old? Here's a rare photo of the three of us. My brother doesn't normally look so grumpy but I guess he's not thrilled to be getting older. I was actual