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Happy Friday! The Beginnings of Frugal February!

  Happy Friday! Apologies for not having my usual Fit Review Friday post, but lately, Lululemon just hasn't had many items that have piqued my interest enough to purchase. This is a good thing since I'm on a no buy this month. My goal is to acquire less items and spend less this year on Lulu. I did however end up grabbing a couple of Lunar New Year accessories. I couldn't pass up the Everywhere Belt Bag in Dark Red and the City Adventurer Nano Backpack to match. I also bought it in black, but I haven't decided if I am going to keep both.  City Adventurer Nano Backpack Moleskine Maneki Neko Notebook The Everywhere Belt bag has been the best purchase over the last couple of years. That said I do not need 4 of them! The City Adventurer Nano Backpack is just so cute. They're teeny tiny but work great as a backpack for dogs and cats? Not that I plan on using them that way, but I find them to be a catchall for little things like receipts, spare change, AirPods and rando