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Upload! February 12th 2019

This is a pretty boring upload. So far not much in February has screamed, "buy me!", which is a good thing since I'm on my ban. After my ban is over I definitely want to pick up some items in the antique bark color to try. Now when I look at the new upload, instead of going by what looks awesome, I have to ask myself, "does it work with my wardrobe colors?". See? Progress! Anything for you this week? Define Jacket Porcelain Pink Hello Aloe Pullover Antoinette Figue Chill On Pullover Quicksand Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece Sheer Violet Mist Over Windbreaker Black All The Right Places Pant Titanium Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Nulux Antique Bark (I have to admit I kind of like these. Love that they are nulux and I love the color too.) Fast & Free 7/8 Tight Nulux Incognito Camo Gator Green Align Pant Blue Cast Wunder Under Crop Mid-Rise Misty Merlot In Movement Crop Everlux Antique Bark (Don't k