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Fit Review! Rogue Renegade Zip Hoodie

Super excited about this fit review. I've been eyeing the  Rogue Renegade Zip Hoodie  ever since it was uploaded. I really wanted the alpine white over the black, but by the time I was ready to pull the trigger the alpine white was sold out in my size. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops.  Rogue Renegade Zip Hoodie Black Size 4 This is one of those hoodies where you can easily size down if you want to. I stuck with my regular size because of the crop length. I didn't want it any shorter than where it falls on me. It hits right underneath my belly button. If you have a really long torso, it will be even more cropped.  There is some creasing from being folded during shipment which I hope will come out. The hoodie is oversized and I do like the collar when zipped all the way up. I think this is a super cute hoodie. Very flattering in that oversized look. The sleeve length is long but not too long th

Upload! May 26th 2020

A lot of purple items today! Normally I am a huge fan of purple but midnight orchid is just a little too grape colored for me. I'm totally eyeing  Rogue Renegade Zip Hoodie Alpine White . I think it looks really nice, but it's also white. I'm tempted to order it and give it a try. Maybe there's a hint of gray in there? Just wish the pockets were closer to the front than on the side like that. What do you think of tonight's upload?  Scuba Hoodie Midnight Orchid Essential Tank Pleated Cassis Ready To Roll Crew Acid Rubber Dye True Navy All Yours Crew Terry Heathered Midnight Orchid Rogue Renegade Zip Hoodie Alpine White (This might be my favorite item from the upload. Not loving the pocket placement tho.) Rogue Renegade Zip Hoodie Alpine White Define Jacket Midnight Orchid Rain Chaser Jacket Dark Prism Pink Hazy Sky Shirt Jacket Faint Mauve Rogue Renegade Super High Rise Tight Midnight Orchid On The Fl