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Fit Review Friday! Call Me Cozy Wrap & Retreat Yourself Crop

Happy Friday! Last weekend I stopped by the store for some try ons. The Call Me Cozy Wrap looked interesting on the hanger but was too overwhelming on my petite frame. It can be zipped up all the way and when worn like this, it reminds me of a poncho. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. This wrap is a blend of pima cotton and Yak. What is Yak anyway? After a quick search on the internet it looks like a long haired bull. For some reason I can't find it on the Lululemon website to link to it.   Next up, I was very interested to see if the Retreat Yourself Crop was petite friendly. The answer is - sorta. It definitely wasn't flattering on me in the heathered soft sand for some reason. I think it just made me look short. It didn't work. The fit is true to size. Retreat Yourself Crop  Heathered Soft Sand Size 4 However, the  Retreat Yourself Crop  looked much better in th

Upload! September 10th 2019

Huge upload today. Lots of commentary. I am loving the look of this outfit. I also love the fact they used an older lady to model it. It would look just as cool if they had a younger fit model like they normally would, but the fact that they used someone who looks old enough to be a senior really caught my attention. I am sold on this outfit. It looks amazing. I'm also really digging the  Roam Far Wool Coat , the mini dusk floral print in the  Scuba Hoodie  and  Hooded Define Jacket Nulu . The Lululemon Lab items are just so weird to me. I guess they're saying these items can be worn by both men and women, which is a cool idea but I'm not digging the models at all. Especially the guy with the long greasy hair. Anything for you? I'm personally holding on to my monies for the F&F Athleta  that hits in a few hours and the Coach event that starts on the 12th! She looks amazing! Retreat Yourself Pullover Heathered Rustic Clay (If I wore pullovers I wo