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NYC: That's A Wrap and What I'm Excited To Review Next!

 Today is my last day in New York. I'll miss my family and friends. I'm glad I pretty much got to see everyone during this trip. It was long overdue. I'm be back in Atlanta on Monday afternoon and I can't wait to open up all my packages that are waiting for me! And of course I'm excited to see my hubs and furkids too. 😆 I've got the Ventlight Cargo Crop , Perfectly Oversized Crop Crew in Softstreme , Ebb To Street all waiting for me in Tidewater Teal. Also have a giant box from J.Crew with another matching set in  cotton cashmere hoodie  and shorts in navy this time. I have a couple of Allbirds XTrino Tees coming up in the gorgeous Ironbark color. Aviator Nation had a Memorial Day sale and I placed a semi big order. I'm really excited about this 6 Stripe Hoodie and 5 Stripe Jacket because it reminds me of Captain Marvel. 😅 Speaking of superheroes, if there are any Daredevil fans out there, Whitestone Lanes was featured in the TV show and my parents li

My NYC Trip!

Whenever I fly by myself I always try to get a window seat. I like looking out the window when the plane starts to land, especially when I'm heading back to NYC. I can always spot the building I used to work at.  The first thing that happens upon arriving back to NY, my parents always take me to dim sum and then my grandma always cooks me a huge meal to welcome me back. This was the first Thanksgiving without my husband and it was hard not being with him and Nero and now Sherlock. But I was so happy to see my grandma.  I always try to make my grandma laugh and right before I took this picture I said, "I don't know why my head looks so big next to yours." That totally did the trick. I also managed to make it back in time for my brother's 42nd birthday. How did we get so old? Here's a rare photo of the three of us. My brother doesn't normally look so grumpy but I guess he's not thrilled to be getting older. I was actual

NYC Splatter Reflective Collection!

I saw this on my InstaStory last night.  I screen captured some images off my phone since it will disappear in 24 hours.  Oh and if anyone wants to follow me on Instagram I'm PetiteImpact on there as well. I don't really run at night so I can't see myself purchasing any of these items.  But it's definitely great if you do!  Now the question is, how much will they be selling for?