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My Birthday Weekend Celebration & Present to Myself - Mulberry Amberley Bag

  It's my birthday! Celebrated with yummy food all weekend long. But before we get to that, I'd like to introduce to you all my new Mulberry bag. Mulberry is considered a premier designer but without the price tag sticker shock. Nowadays, most bags at this level will run you $2000 and up. Mulberry kind of  bridges the pricing between Coach and other premier designers. Mulberry bags start at $650 and up.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall.  Mulberry Amberley Small Oak also wearing Naked Cashmere Rowen Size XS (Sheepskin is still tugging on my heart strings.) This is the Amberley bag in size small. It's a very petite friendly size that fits all of my essentials with some room to spare. I love the minimalist design. The color is the perfect golden brown. The leather is thick and sturdy. This style comes in many different colors, leathers, and sizes. I'm pretty sure there is a perfect combination out there for everyone. I also went for the pebbled leather to mini

My Birthday Post and Naked Cashmere Review!

So this is 40. Seems like my 30s went by extremely fast. My celebratory weekend was filled with lots of take out and treats! And of course I also had to get a new bag. This is actually a vintage bag from 2005. A baby Chloe Paddington. Do you guys remember when it was the "It" bag? There were waitlists and all the celebrities had this bag in some color hanging off the crook of their arms. I actually had a couple of these back in the day but sold them off because they were very heavy. This is the baby size version. Much easier to carry. I do love my vintage bags! This one came all the way from Japan and is in mint condition. I'm loving this navy blue with gold hardware. Also arrived just in time are these lovely Golden Gingham Mary Janes . I am so glad I got these before my size sold out! I'll have a review up soon. My lovely co-workers sent me some cookies that were still warm! Soooo good. I love cookies that are fresh out of the oven. Popped a chocolate chip cookie ri

My Birthday Post!

Okay, so it's not my birthday... yet, but it's coming up on the 6th and that night I'll be posting my fit review Friday for you all! So my birthday post comes first. Not to worry I am taking a couple of days off from work and I'll have a nice four day weekend to do what I please. I think I'm going go on a lil shopping trip! 😆 For those who have been following my blog for the past few years know that I usually do a Frugal February month and stick to a strict shopping ban. The past couple of months I've actually been very good about not spending like a crazy lady so I think I can skip the Frugal February this year and just keep up the good work I've been doing! My bank account is actually looking decent. Lately I've been really trying to keep my spending in check. For January I only purchased three things. A wrap from Athleta, Vinyasa scarf and I managed to snag a very cute Coach bag on ebay. I'll have a review up on the bag soon.  This y