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In Depth Review - BlissFeel Running Shoes !

Happy Friday! Now that I have had the  BlissFeel Running Shoe  for a few weeks, it's time I gave a more in depth review. In case you missed my first impressions of the running shoe, you can check it out here . I'll also link it down below.  For those of you who have been around here for a bit, my favorite all around shoe for the last couple of years has been the Allbirds Tree Dashers . I was very curious to see how Lululemon's BlissFeel Running Shoe stacked up against my favorite shoe. 😬   BlissFeel Running Shoe Before I get into the review, my new office has a gym! It's a tenant perk and because of this, I decided to sign up for the Peloton app that costs $12.99 a month. This way, it forces me to get out of the office for a bit and I get my workout done earlier in the day. This was a great way for me to try out the BlissFeel Running Shoe and explore the Peloton app. Win-win. A little background- I'm not really a runner. I did train for a 10K but this was years ago