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Review! Scuba Hoodie III Heathered Bark Berry VS Scuba Hoodie IV Heathered Dusty Rose

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Just wanted to share some photos I took of my heathered bark berry Scuba III and the new Scuba IV in heathered dusty rose.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops, however in the Scuba Hoodies, I take a size 2. For all my Define Jackets I'm a size 4.  Scuba Hoodie IV Heathered Dusty Rose Size 2 In the stock photos, the color of dusty rose looks to be more on the pink side, but in person it's more of a lilac with pink undertones. I actually really like how vibrant and pretty the dusty rose is.  Scuba IV Heathered Dusty Rose vs Scuba III Heathered Bark Berry I find the Scuba Hoodie IV to be more fitted compared to the III. The Scuba IV is also thinner in weight, which is fine because I am not able to wear my Scuba III in warmer weather where as I can see myself still wearing the Scuba IV at night time during summer months or in air conditioned temperatures.  The lngth